Frequently Asked Questions

How to revert to a previous version after an update?

If ExactScan was installed by a regular user, an update will move the previous version into the Trash. You can simply restore it by dragging it out of the Trash.

My activation key does not work?

You probably try to activation another version than the license key is for. Please make sure you download and install a matching version of ExactScan (regular, Pro, lite, ...).

My (ScanSnap) scanner is not found?

Scanners usually can only be accessed by one program at a time. For ExactScan to access the scanner make sure no other application (such as the ScanSnap manager) is open and thus accessing the scanner exlusively.

How to import or copy profile settings to a new computer?

Our software is using the standard Mac system preferences. You can therefore simply copy the file:
~/Library/Preferences/de.exactcode.ExactScan Pro.plist

For the regular version without "Pro", and the App Store version is using "com.exactcode.*".

(For portability, our new Windows and Linux versions are using a simple ~/.exactscan*.rc text file respecively.)

ExactScan Pro

How to convert existing files into searchable PDF?

"New Scan" in the "File" menu
2. Then choose a profile for example the "B/W PDF" and enable "Create searchable documents" in the OCR tab
3. Then close this window and select "Open File..." in the "File" menu and select the files
4. All files will be converted as you defined in your selected profile before.

TWAIN interface

Why does ExactScan not show my TWAIN driver in the scanner list?

There are still many old, 32-bit Intel, or even PowerPC TWAIN drivers and they will not show up in the scanner list when running on an newer, 64-bit Intel Mac. Please follow these steps to allow support for these drivers in ExactScan:

1. Close ExactScan.
2. Open the Finder's context menu of ExactScan and choose "Get Info".
3. Enable the option "Open in 32-bit mode".
4. Restart ExactScan to show the new list of drivers.

If the driver still does not show, and you are running an Mac OS X 10.6 or older you can try the PowerPC emulation:
5. Enable the option "Open using Rosetta".
6. Restart ExactScan to show the new list of drivers.

If you have any question about ExactScan please email us: